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City Manager

Tracey Connelly

Tracey Connelly

City Manager
Zoning Administrator



City Manager and Governor of Michigan

(Zack Szakacs-Evart City Manager, Rick Snyder-Governor of Michigan, Tracey Connelly-Harrison City Manager & Clerk)

As someone who was born and raised in Harrison, MI, being asked to be a guest of the Governor for the State of the State address was quite an honor. But when the Governor recognizes you for the same potential that you see in your hometown, now that is something to write home about!
Governor Rick Snyder has given Harrison and nine other communities in the state of Michigan the tools needed to help develop a stronger economic vision. This program helps economically challenged communities with the tools to become better positioned for redevelopment opportunities. As the saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats”. We are working hard to create a more vibrant and thriving community here in Harrison. It’s not going to happen overnight, but with the right tools and the right people at the table we can become a redevelopment-ready community that better repositions ourselves for families and businesses to invest in. Harrison has so many good things going for us that other communities don’t, and if we just capitalize on them we can and will attract business investment and talent as well as improve the quality of life for our residents. Yes, Harrison was chosen because it is economically challenged, but given the tools to advance we can better position ourselves for redevelopment opportunities.
As I said, I was born and raised in Harrison, MI and I’m proud to say so. If you agree that Harrison has potential and would like to help with this mission, please contact me and together we can lift all of the boats by building the framework for a successful future.

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